For Your Journey into the Dark

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The art of transforming yourself will be the biggest obstacle you will face in your life. For you are the only one who you have any control over.

To begin this transformation, you will need to face your biggest fears and step into the dark.

In the dark, your mind may try to play tricks on you. It may even feel like death while you fall into a great abyss. As the darkness comes, you will want to weep for the loss of light in your life, but in many ways, you might feel nothing.

Light a small candle and witness how one small light can change everything.

You are not cursed. You are not useless. You matter to the stars, the birds, and to every person who has known you. Step aside from that path that feels so empty. I know the journey feels like a curse when the pain comes.

Remember though that the depression that fills your veins and takes you hostage is all about deep rest. You are meant to take this time to slow down.

Stay here for a moment or two if you have to, but don’t make the dark your home. Your life belongs on the other side of the door where the light streams out like a beacon guiding you to the shore.

As you venture through the dark, remember that you carry within you the brightest torch to light the way. There was no curse in this journey. There was only the Universe calling for you, asking you to move. Even if it is one slow step at a time.

Perhaps just one spark will change the dark. Do simple things like make a cup of tea, look at pictures, and write what speaks from your soul. Talk to plants with words of peace so you both can learn to bloom.

The light within you was always there, smoldering until you make that conscious choice to keep going. Once you rise up and step forward, your soul ignites and bursts into flames. But you are not burning, you are becoming.

Photo by Peter John Maridable on Unsplash

What is no longer serving you is being burned away. The walls you built up are being torn down. You are finding yourself that was buried deep beneath fear and doubt. You are a phoenix unfurling your wings from the birth of ashes.

When you step out of the fire, your burning footsteps remain to help guide those still lost in the dark.

I wish I could say to you that you will never return again to that darkness. But for some reason, the darkness seems to be a season. Where we awaken with new knowledge but still have to venture out to that emptiness again to find the next chapter of our journey.

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

— Mary Oliver

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. Please seek professional help if you need help with your mental health.




Ghostwriter to the stars.

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Elle Kelly

Elle Kelly

Ghostwriter to the stars.

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